Introduction to ZE WhatsApp APK

Zee is for WhatsApp if you’re searching for additional features. It offers many capabilities that aren’t found in the standard WhatsApp app. It contains an anti-ban feature that keeps your account from being banned, as well as font, anti-revoke messages, text color changes, application icons, and theme customization. Other additional features set WhatsApp apart; you can get ZE WhatsApp for Windows computers and other operating systems besides Android. You can utilize this program on iOS by downloading ZE WhatsApp for iOS. We’ll go into more depth about this WhatsApp mod’s features later.

Features overview of ZE WhatsApp Update

Features of ZE WhatsApp pro APK


The first feature of WhatsApp is anti ban which protects your account from being banned some people say that their account has been banned or the number has been banned now you don’t worry because this feature will keep your account safe.

Anti revoke message

This WhatsApp mod has the feature of anti-revoked messages. If someone has sent you a message but you have not seen it and he has deleted it then through this feature you can now view the deleted message and reply to it.

Hide/Lock WhatsApp chats

If you’re looking for extra security this feature locks your chats no one can chats read it without unlocking you can lock your chats with custom pin pattern and fingerprint.

Hide/Freeze last seen

Users have the very convenient option to hide their WhatsApp Last Seen. The last seen status indicates the last time you were online on WhatsApp now you can show offline through this feature while online.

Status downloader

Status downloader is an amazing feature of WhatsApp if we want to download anyone’s status in the WhatsApp content list download on one click and save to your gallery.

Anti-status delete

This WhatsApp mod has an anti-status delete feature through the feature you can also view the status that has been deleted before 24 hours you can answer it by looking.

DND mode

This WhatsApp mod app also adds a DND mode. Another name for it is flight mode. If you use this feature, this feature will close your WhatsApp very strongly and you will not receive any messages or calls on WhatsApp. You may stop WhatsApp without shutting down your internet if you activate this mod.

Customized theme

As you know only two themes are provided in WhatsApp one is a light theme and the other is a dark theme so in this WhatsApp you are given more themes that you can use to beautify your WhatsApp.

Translate conversation

The greatest feature of WhatsApp is Translate Your Conversion, which allows you to translate your conversion into any language now you don’t need to download a translator now you can easily chat in any language.

pros and cons ZE WhatsApp pro

  • It puts an icon next to the owner’s name of the WhatsApp group, which instantly identifies the owner of the group.
  • It provides a special touch of emojis by double-tapping a chat in the WhatsApp group interface, adding a special themed touch to your messaging experience.
  • This WhatsApp makes it simple to share someone’s contact list without disclosing their personal information. This preserves privacy while streamlining the contact-sharing procedure.
  • Ensures a user-friendly experience without unnecessary complexity.
  • This dependency encourages global communication and reduces the cost of traditional SMS for users.
  • Supports vibrant communication with high-quality media sharing.

HOW to download and install new version of ZE WhatsApp

  • Acquire the most recent APK file by tapping the download button below.
  • Proceed to install ZE WhatsApp on your device.
  • Click the installation button, unlocking access to the app’s latest features.
  • Prioritize the safeguarding of your chats by consistently backing them up before the installation process.

FAQ’s of ZE WhatsApp APK

Yes, it is 100% safe and secures to use the ZE WhatsApp APK, You will never face any kind of issue while using this WhatsApp mod APK. It does not contain any virus or malicious code.

Yes, this WhatsApp is 100% legal, you don’t have any problem because it follows all international laws. Which makes the app easy to interact with.

Indeed, there are no extra costs or hidden expenses when using Ze Whatsapp. It has all the functions of the standard WhatsApp app with extra themes and customization.

Final Words

Everyone who uses WhatsApp and has been searching for changes to the official app will undoubtedly like using ZE WhatsApp. This software has everything you need to improve the efficacy and expressiveness of your chats, from customizable themes to enhanced privacy settings and media sharing. It makes it simple for you to download and duplicate status updates, This version v7.85 makes it easier to distinguish between broadcast and regular messages. In this program, you have the option to hide your last seen and online status in addition to sharing more multimedia and available Old version ze whatsapp apk version v6-65 . Download this WhatsApp and elevate your WhatsApp experience today.